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TouchOSC templates for Traktor iPad DJshttp://web.me.com/noelcottle/Old_shite/XXX_old_HOME_page_touchOSC-templates-for-Traktor.html
HELP VIDEOS - customising templateshelp-video-menu.html

coming soon

delete, move or

change colours

...of the features in a layout page using TouchOSC Editor

back to video library

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coming soon

coming soon

delete pages, add labels

Too many mixers? Strip back to the pages you use and get everything labelled-up.

replace rotaries with fader

If you prefer faders to knobs, here’s how to switch them over.

adding new functions

Everything perfect apart from that one missing feature?

Here’s a beginner’s guide to adding a button in TouchOSC and mapping through OSCulator to Traktor Pro