TouchOSC layouts for Traktor iPad DJs

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you don’t have to...

...use my layouts: the software required to run them allows you to create and edit your own.

This site is for DJs who can’t be arsed programming MIDI layouts and are happy to slip me some beer money so they can crack on mixing them tunes!


Please note that I have built these layouts independently. They are not officially endorsed by Traktor, Native Instruments, TouchOSC, or OSCulator. My layouts have nothing to do with Native Instruments’ very fine Traktor Kontrol X1 MIDI controller.

software and system requirements

You will need to download and install the following software to run the TouchOSC layouts from this site.

The software works wirelessly over a wifi connection, including ‘ad-hoc’ networks for when you are at a gig.

  1. -TouchOSC app - This app runs the layouts on your iPad or iPhone. It’s £2.99 from iTunes.

  1. -TouchOSC Bridge - This free app is available for Windows and Mac users. It runs in the background on your laptop feeding MIDI messages between your device and Traktor.


- iTunes - Needed to transfer the layouts to your device. It’s free. No doubt you have it already.

  1. -Traktor Pro - v1.2.4 or later - my files won’t load in versions of Traktor Pro older than v1.2.4. 

  Fully compatible with Traktor Pro v2 and the ‘Scratch’ version of Traktor Pro.

CONTROL TRAKTOR WIRELESSLY FROM YOUR iPAD4-deck-iPad-TouchOSC-Traktor-control.html
FREE SAMPLE - iPADfree-demo-iPad-TouchOSC-Traktor-control.html
2 DECK iPAD LAYOUT2-deck-iPad-TouchOSC-Traktor-control.html



EXTERNAL MIXER VERSext-mixer-iPad-TouchOSC-Traktor-control.html


iPHONE LAYOUT - 4 DECK VERSION4-deck-iPad-TouchOSC-Traktor-control.html



- 9 page TouchOSC layout

- includes 4 and 2 channel mixer designs

- screens for sample decks, loops, cues, FX

- MIDI feedback to faders & buttons

- can be expanded for iPad use

- VU meters, playlist navigation

....and loads more!

The software above is required to run the layouts. Below are two alternatives you may wish to try instead of TouchOSC Bridge. For more information on these alternatives see the installation video or consult the

manual that comes with files from this site.

  1. -OSCulator [Mac users only] - you can use this if you wish to take advantage of some extra features that aren’t currently (March 2012) possible with Bridge or CoreMIDI. Try OSCulator for free, then it’s €29 (Euros). The layouts work perfectly well without OSCulator.

  1. -rtpMIDI [Windows users only] - this driver can be used for CoreMIDI connections. It emulates the ‘Audio MIDI setup’ app on a Mac. It’s free.



- 13 page TouchOSC layout

- includes 5 mixer designs

- Bridge, CoreMIDI & OSCulator compatible

- 1300+ Traktor commands including MIDI feedback

- screens for sample decks, loops, cues, FX

- multi-function ‘scratch’ simulator

- MIDI feedback to faders & buttons

- VU meters on every channel

- track end & audio clip indicators

- playlist navigation

- manage BPM grids

...and loads more!



FREE SAMPLE - iPHONEfree-demo-iPhone-TouchOSC-Traktor-control.html