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  1. -Tips for using rotary knobs in TouchOSC

TouchOSC rotary controls piss a lot of people off. You can make them bigger or smaller, you can swap them for faders if you like, but I recommend playing with them a bit more and you'll love 'em.


I plan to make a video to demo my tips for using them (if I ever find the time) but the knack is to stop thinking about them in relation to the space you see them occupy on your iPad screen...


- Open the TouchOSC app, tap in a rotary and move it around.


- Now, without losing contact with the screen, drag your finger away from the centre of the rotary - go about an inch outside the rotary.


- Still without losing contact, slide your finger up and down or around the rotary. You will notice that you still have control of it. You can slide your finger to the other side of the iPad screen and you will still have control.


- This turns your small rotary radius into a much larger arc, enabling you to be much more accurate when tweaking FX or EQ. It will also stop unwanted EQ jumps from -10 to +10. I think it's one of the nice little touches that makes TouchOSC so awesome. THANKS HEXLER!



*What? No EQ kill button?*

Another advantage of the rotaries is that you can 'tap a direct value'. 


- Once Traktor's Soft Takeover is engaged you can just tap the bottom left of an EQ rotary for an effective 'kill'. 


- Tap the centre-top and the EQ is instantly restored again.


That means you don't need to have extra kill buttons cluttering up the controller screen. Of course, some people prefer them, and that's why you still find them on my 'full' iPad mixer pages. :-)

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