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  1. -How to remove old controller and other .tsi files from Traktor

If you are having problems with some of the controls it may be because you have one or more other controllers set up within Traktor. They will all be sending and receiving midi on different channels and some of those channels may conflict - one midi signal might say 'play deck A' for one controller and 'trigger loop' for another, which will lead to confusing behaviour from Traktor.


Getting your ports set right should prevent this, but if you have some old iPad .tsi files loaded, including ones from this site, you need to get rid of them before uploading any new ones because they are set to the same ports.


1 - Open Traktor preferences > Controller Manager.


2 - In the drop-down menu next to 'Device', select the controller you want to remove.


[If you want to back it up before you remove it, click the Edit button, then Export to save a copy of the controller details. Note that this saves only the controller device selected, not all your settings like clicking the 'Export' button at the bottom of the window]


3 - To remove: click the Edit button, then Delete. Confirm you want to remove the device.


4 - Repeat for every device you wish to remove, It may be worth removing them all and starting afresh if you are having problems.

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