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  1. -How to add labels to the tabs on each page

You may have read on these pages that I'm not a fan of labels in TouchOSC and prefer a 'clean' layout. However, I appreciate that it's not very helpful when first getting to grips with the controller.

[Remember you can find a key to all the controls on every page in the PDF Manual that came zipped with your files]


Jin Lee asked me about adding labels to the tabs on every page of a layout, instead of just the "a / b" tab. It's easy to add these labels to all pages if you want to.


- Locate your TouchOSC layout file in Finder, double click it to open and launch TouchOSC Editor. Accept incoming connections.


- Re-size the Editor window so it fills your screen and you can see the whole layout across left > right. 


- Click-and-dragging across elements in the layout selects them. If you click and drag across the top of the layout page you will select all the tab labels - start by clicking outside the left hand side of the page to the side of the "a / b" label, then drag across. Make sure you only select the labels and not any other elements. Some tabs have two labels for the two lines of text. 


This is what the labels look like when highlighted:

- Next, hit command+C to copy


- Now click on the "c / d" tab (you'll need to click just outside the label to select the tab and change the page to the yellow & blue controls)


- Hit command+V to paste the labels onto this page


- Repeat across all tabs and save with a new file name.


- Sync you new layout to your iPad and you're done.


If you want to add your own labels to controls, control-click in a layout and select 'Label V' for a vertical label. The panel on the left of the Editor screen lets you change size and colour of the text etc. Drag the label around to place it where you like.


Always be careful of the other controls when using the Editor. It's worth making a backup of your original file if you're about to go tinkering ;-)

TouchOSC templates for Traktor iPad DJshttp://web.me.com/noelcottle/Old_shite/XXX_old_HOME_page_touchOSC-templates-for-Traktor.html